Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dark Souls: Great Grey Wolf Sif

Now I'm not sure about you but this boss was so annoying yes I know there are players than can kill him on their own well I'm not one of those players and like I said I'm not here to LIE and say it took me so and so minuets to beat it I'm going to be upfront about this it took me 6 tries before just saying fuck it and call my friend again to help. So here we go.

Now there is only one way to get to Sif but there are two directions you can come from you can either spend the hmm 20,000 souls to buy the Crest of Artorias from the blacksmith at the entrance to Darkroot Garden or if you feel adventurous you can use that basement key to go down the tower, fight Havel the Rock, fight the Crystal Golems, fight the Hydra and the proceed to climb up from the Basin back to the Garden and if you are in the Forest Hunters Covenant you are free to go through the shortcut straight to Sif's door instead of fighting off the three Giant Cats (who are annoying) as well as the Mushroom Men and Children and getting there.

Now if you are in human form you should notice a few summon signs if your lucky as for me it took a bit till my friend got there and the funny thing was I got invaded 3 times and the first time he jumped off the cliff and died the second time he went to dodge and rolled off the cliff and the last time I killed him so thank god for the Drake Sword. But enough of that once he finally got there I summoned him and we went into the fight. So if you fought Sif already and died he will rush you upon entering the area now there is a way to dodge it some people say to roll into the attack but that doesn't work for me I however just blocked using my Eagle Shield which you get from Blighttown around the first bonfire and the stability is good meaning that you can get hit by a strong attack without getting stunned and this is a good shield to have going against someone like Sif, but if your not going to tank it against him there is another shield on the way down from the Garden its the Grass Crest Shield this is not a very good for defense but if your going to try and outrun Sif this is good because the shield regenerates your stamina pretty quickly giving you enough time to roll out the way regen stamina and then dodge or run again.

Now my plan was to stay back and watch my friends health and well...basically my plan was to be the medic while he took Sif out but I don't know I saw he was having his own trouble so I rushed in between Sif's legs and two handed my Drake Sword slashing at him while my friend used the lightning spear spell on him you just had to see how fast his health was going down the infamous sad limping part never even occurred as we killed him to fast. Now there is a weakness Sif has if you happen to have a good weapon that causes bleeding I suggest using it as Sif is vulnerable to bleeding I did not intend to use daggers or the thief's knife to do it so the only good weapon i found was way later which was the Lifehunter Scythe so if your on NG+ I suggest using it though if you are on new game plus you don't need this.

Ok so Sif is dead and he drops souls humanity as well as the Covenant of Artorias which lets you Abyss Walk hence the trophy/achievement Art of Abyss Walking. Now what is this you ask well far down below Firelink Shrine is a place called the New Londo Ruins and deep in the ruins is a spot where you need this to fight a boss called The Four Kings, now I have yet to fight him but once I do you will know. So that isn't all you also get Soul of Sif so you know what that means, NEW WEAPONS so lets see what you get...

1. Greatsword of Artorias, a pretty good weapon right i mean just looking at it looks pretty amazing whats better is to all undead characters, that means the zombies, skeletons, stuff in the tomb of giants, stuff in new londo ruins will get a base damage of 140 anything else 120 so pretty amazing but its very different than other greatswords. you need 24 strength 18 dexterity but oh look you ALSO need 20 intelligence and 20 faith so even though its a greatsword if it deals damage to undead type enemies its not a surprise you need these two extra things. But here's the kicker you know that broken sword hilt you got at the beginning of the game oh yeah you need that +10 to get this sword if you threw it out try farming the undead in the Undead Burg and hope they drop one.

2. Cursed Greatsword of Artorias, now they may look the same since there is no picture of it but the description for the weapon clearly says that it can hurt ghosts so no more trying to farm for the ghost dagger you have this now do no more ghost dagger no more curse items a weapon that can harm and kill ghosts how about that. Now they may look the same but they are not made the same they cannot be created from broken straight swords or sword hilt if you have a greatsword, broad sword or anything else it'll work another way to tell the difference between the two is the requirements; strength is 24, dexterity is 18, intelligence is 18, and faith is 18. You can tell its not as strong or maybe it is its all about preference as for me once I get enough souls hello Cursed sword.

3. Greatshield of Artorias, now so far I think this shield is amazing yes you need a greatshield so eventually i got to say goodbye to my Eagle Shield but until then oh well it truly is amazing because you know how with other shields if you get hit with a status effect it fill up the bar a bit? Well with this one it won't not one bit you could get barraged by status effects as long as you block it you're fine. Other things like the poison swamp in Blighttown, AOE's and the curse mist from the Basilisks they will still affect you so be careful.

Other than that enjoy your souls which ever weapon you choose make sure to keep a lookout for a new tips and tricks so until next time.

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